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What We Do

Curation of Furniture, Art & Accessories

The curation of Furniture, Art & Accessories is the most exciting part of tying everything together – it’s when your meticulously designed home feels finished, representative of you, and perfectly home. It’s the final phase in our Full Service, but it also stands alone as one of our much-loved offerings.

    Whether it’s time for a little freshen up or a total overhaul, the process should be a joy, never overwhelming. Our expertise starts with connecting local and international artisans, dealers and suppliers; we revel in the adventure of discovery.

    More than just going shopping (although, by now, you’re getting the gist that we’ll have a great time doing it!), during the experience you can expect to receive:

    • A schedule of purchase items aligned with your brief and ideal budget
    • Your furniture, art and accessories selection placed on 1:50 home plan
    • A showroom hitlist to test potential purchases

    We then take care of the nitty-gritty so you don’t need to worry – coordinating countless orders, approving orders, tracking rogue delivery drivers, craning the things over balconies that don’t fit in the lift… you name it, we’ve got it sorted.

    All for the pièce de résistance moment… the excitement of placing, styling then zhoozhing the final touches to reveal your magazine-ready, dream home.

    Just ‘So You’
    Let’s be honest, though, for you it’s all about the thrill of finding fabulous things that create curiosity and even a bit of envy. You’ll already have your favourite brands and treasured things – don’t worry, we’ll make sure the entirely unique collection fits together like a dream. The important thing is, nothing is same-same with us. Ever.

    Our little Black Book
    Being immersed in the design universe, we know what’s trending and what’s different. What’s more, we’re so far ahead of your research – no offence, it’s how it should be! – that we already know what’s available (to suit all sorts of budgets), the kinds of things that simply have to be out there somewhere (let us grab our little black book), and what will need to be created bespoke (and we know just the right maker).

    Adventure with us

    You can join us too, if you want to, on jaunts to European marketplaces, underground antique stores and high-end salons to uncover beautiful, rare and iconic finds.

For more details, refer to our Full Service, or say hello via the link below.