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Our Studio

We craft perfectly tailored homes to fit your dream of luxury living

More than a flawlessly finished space, home is how you feel.

For us, daily life moments – both the polished and the chaotic – deserve equal contemplation. We design for the personal rituals that stem from those moments. Intimate, fluid spaces to unwind and curl up within. Indulge whims, throw roaring parties and create joys in a home you’re proud to show off, and after, keep all to yourself. Room to grow, and to let loose. Natural placement, where everything you want is right there when you reach. Texture, colours and beautiful things that thrill, just because. Conscious, empathetic details that work for you.


So, it’s not really about us. This is your story. We’re here to take bold steps with you, to uncover what sets you apart and discover a new style for living it. When you’re ready, we are.

Who We Are

We're a tight-knit group of designers (and a couple of hounds) who love to push each other to be better, share thrills and discoveries, and create a focused but vibrant energy in our studio. We're pumped to come to work every day to create for our clients.



In retrospect, my intrepid early adulthood is riddled with signs that I was ultimately laying a pathway that would lead into the design world. When I settled back on home turf ready to turn the sum of my travels to a career, the idea that bespoke interiors could reconcile both the joy of traveling, with an affinity for designing residential layouts, came into sharp clarity. Since then, I have fostered an unwavering obsession with boutique residential interior design, coaxing luxury from a deep understanding of the pragmatics of space.

As Director, I lead each residential project from a trilogy of education (a BA Design), experience and intuition. But most importantly by having a profound understanding of people, their innate personalities, daily rituals and how they dream to live.

Having a residential development portfolio of my own, I draw on a unique combination of perspectives — designer, homemaker, mother, developer — leaning into my fascination for a client’s personal rituals, luxury living, travel and a love of shopping to orchestrate engagingly beautiful homes.

Our studio’s aesthetic is holistically thoughtful, artful, unpretentious and playful. Recognised as hunters and gathers, our superpower is unearthing one of a kind pieces from a global ‘black book’, ensuring each project has its own unique signature, shaped through a distinctive SC lens.

On the weekend’s you’ll find me living the quiet life by the beach with my 3 girls, husband and pooch, Bernie.



Casey’s meticulous focus on the functionality of a home has cultivated a design ethic anchored by pragmatics – as in – she’s the master of mapping out every move within a kitchen and laundry, and she doesn’t miss a beat.

After a stint at a large multidisciplinary design firm following on from her BA Interior Design - Swinburne (Hons), Casey came full circle, drawing inspiration from the housing frames that were the playground of her childhood to thrive in the deep exploration of residential design at SC. Casey elevates the spaces she works on, transitioning them into cohesive havens which consider the contemporary living patterns unique to each.

Her obsession with alignment and detail is matched by her love for exploring the outdoors and hanging with her two Staffy’s


Senior Designer

Annie seamlessly resolves each home from the inside out. With a BA Interior Architecture – Monash (Hons) and over 5 years’ experience at a high-end residential architecture firm prior to joining the team, her experience has always called for a holistic approach across how clients live within a home, and the architectural form.

A country girl at heart, she found her happy place in layering intricate joinery detailing with the wild world of furniture curation - a specialty here at SC. Her razor-sharp, client-driven focus across every element of a project, from conception to hand over makes her a welcome addition to our team.

Outside of work life, weekends are spent renovating her home with her boyfriend (who conveniently is well-trained on the tools) and snuggles with her fur-baby - Ruby.


Procurement Manager

Mary is an absolute powerhouse of making it happen. An EA background in the corporate property world has equipped her with an ability to juggle time zones and the complexity of global logistics with stunning ease.

Her happy place, being tasked with the seemingly impossible, is when she’s deep in the intricacy of sourcing, wrangling rogue deliveries from around the world to bring our furniture installs to game day. Leveraging both her Interior Design qualification and unruffled approach to every challenge, Mary naturally shines as our Procurement Manager.

Counterbalancing the complexity of her role is a passion for gardening and side-project-tinkering, a nod to her childhood spent on a farm.


Studio Manager

Micaley is in her element as our Studio Manager. With a BA Design (RMIT), Micaley cut her teeth as an interior designer before gravitating towards the satisfying rigour of project and studio management.
As the first and last points of contact, Micaley is the liaison for clients and colleagues alike, leaning into her comprehensive knowledge of every stage of a project, to weave design and business seamlessly together.

From home life with her young family to work life, Micaley permeates a sense of calm. Forever drawn to the coast, weekends often find her beachside spending time with family and friends rekindling memories of the landscape she grew up in.


Financial Controller

Brilliant with numbers and passionate about design, Jodie seamlessly manages the money in her role as CFO.
Purchasing on each of our furniture curation projects is intricately facilitated by her, ensuring every consideration is met financially, creatively and pragmatically.

Jodie’s contribution to our studio is indispensable, largely invisible and integral to the smooth running of each and every facet. Her capacity to blend the complexities of finances within the creative terrain brings a yin yang balance to our studio, no mean feat and something she tempers with the odd margarita and downtime with her young family and pup Uma.