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The Vibe

Nougat Amour marks the next chapter for a young family of five in Armadale, Victoria – one that will no doubt span several pages. The client’s reverence for clean, classic design went hand-in-hand with their willingness to experiment, imparting spaces that feel fresh and ‘of a new era’, but not out-of-character.

Completed: 2021
Location: Melbourne
Size: 865m2
Team: Sally and Jarrah
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

Architecture & Interiors: Powell & Glenn
Furniture Curation & Styling: Sally Caroline
Builder: Visioneer
Landscape: Paul Bangay

Inheriting the architecture and interiors from Powell & Glenn was like taking a freshly-baked cake out of the oven and icing it. There were a few key ingredients in the batter that were non-negotiable; the essence of romance being the strongest.

All five senses culminate in a sense of being at home with the ones you love (hence, the name “Amour”).

We framed the furniture collection to represent the beautiful chaos that goes with raising three boys. Layered in with calming neutrals and warm textures are moments of fun and playfulness, like the emerald stair runner lined with blush and beige checks. This interplay between soft and bold creates the perfect backdrop to sculptural silhouettes, like the French limestone table and Italian glass wall sconces in the entryway. Elsewhere, we see romance unfold in antique rugs, cream window drapes, locally-made plaster lighting and ceramics of all different shapes and sizes.

Favourite Rituals

By a certain stage of our adult lives we become acquainted with terms like ‘the good cupboard’, ‘the good cutlery’ or ‘the good towels’. Let me introduce you to ‘the good room’. Here, the walls are painted “Nougat” (“Amour” needed a friend), setting the scene for post-dinner-party drinks, games of chess, and cuddling up in front of the TV after the kids have gone to bed. We’ve even heard that it’s been the site of a few early morning dance parties with friends (a natural progression from a civil sit-down dinner party, of course).