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What We Do

Design Session

A two-hour strategy session with Sally kick-starts your project. We’ll take a deep dive into your creative direction, answer all your burning questions, and finish with a clearly defined project brief. We’ll cover off on all priorities and challenges, solve what we can on the spot and map out your next steps.

    The idea is simple. This session gives you certainty that your project is set up for success. In a short, sharp meeting, we can cover a lot. We’ll learn about your vision and enhance it with our practical experience and design expertise. We’ll consider your master plan, look at budget and timeframes, and offer introductions to our network. Soon after, you’ll receive a detailed summary of everything we’ve covered and advice for moving forward.

    We start every Sally Caroline project with a documented Design Session, but they’re also an excellent stand-alone resource for those running their own projects. We can help resolve design dilemmas and send you on your way with an itemised plan and details for selections, suppliers and other consultants.

    Design Sessions are $1500.00 + GST. This cost covers the two-hour workshop plus a detailed summary and next-steps plan, which we’ll supply to you within a week.

Ready to jump in? Say hello via the link below, and we’ll touch base to book a time.