A shout out to our industry peers, Architects, Interior Designers, Stylists (just to name a few) are eligible for our trade program. To be considered and registered as a Sally Caroline Trade Customer, kindly complete the application form below. Once submitted, you will be contacted by our team.

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Our Values

We're a values-based business. Culture is everything.

  2. Make each client interaction, and their entire experience, wonderfully memorable.

    • We listen intently.
    • We always put the client first.
    • We aim to blow their hair back.
    • We serve our clients, not ourselves.
    • We always ask how we can help.

  3. Make it Happen
  4. Do whatever it takes, make it happen.

    • We have a positive, get-shit-done-attitude.
    • We find solutions, rather than someone to blame.
    • We are the change we seek.
    • We deliver on time, every time.
    • We do what we say we’ll do.

  5. Project Pride
  6. Put our best work forward, create projects we’re crazy proud of.

    • We create from a place of passion.
    • We share our best ideas.
    • We take notes diligently.
    • We execute seamlessly.
    • We’re fully accountable.

  7. Transparency
  8. Transparency means trust and integrity.

    • We share openly, honestly and respectfully.
    • We welcome feedback for improvement.
    • We own our mistakes.
    • We work as a team to resolve them.

  9. Collaboration
  10. All about it. Inspire and leverage the creative genius in others.

    • We are respectful of others’ time and energy.
    • We never leave a team member hanging.
    • We celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.
    • We’re committed to raising the roof together.