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The Vibe

Nestled down the dead-end of a Mornington Peninsula back road is a couple of hectares of quiet maritime bushland. Here you’ll soon find (if you’re lucky enough, that is) a secluded sanctuary fit for a king. Media royalty the Judds have landed in Arthurs Seat, folks, and they’re bringing the kids for a family-centric, fun-loving time.

Status: In progress
Location: Arthurs Seat

Team: Sally Caroline

warmth with wow

Bec’s brief for their country retreat, like everything she does, is on point yet ahead of the curve – we’re transforming their 1960s brick bungalow into a contemporary farm haven, something very different to the city pad. We’re balancing industrial chic with natural barn feels and warmth with wow, to create a luxury playground for kids and grown-ups alike.

relaxed, real & raw

On the sprawling acreage, we’ll be seeing a blackened exterior, greyed-off timbers, a tennis court, and a plush pool customised for relaxation in the extreme. Inside, a different kind of calm – it’s milky whites, smoother textures and dreamy stone. As ever, we’re designing the home to support the family’s key rituals.