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The Vibe

An active life by the coast, a young family, two boisterous boys and a whole lot of casual cool. Revamping a Georgian classic with a fresh contemporary approach, we restored parts and replaced others. By honouring the original traditional architecture, we created a calm and refined home, but one full of distinct personality.

Completed: 2016
Location: Mt Eliza

Team: Sally Klopper
Build: Connect Build

Photography: Brooke Holm
Art Direction: Marsha Golemac

young & fresh

A key part of the brief was to inject vitality into the home. We met this requirement by removing walls, which gave a traditional floorplan a new lease on life and allowed newly connected spaces to be flooded with abundant natural light. Tiled flooring, a sublime vein-cut travertine, elevates the living area of the open space, establishing a subtler distinction between areas.

Originally there was a bar in the living room – the site of many generations of relaxed socialising. Though its wall was removed, it was an element that had to remain, and so was reincarnated as a drinks cabinet integrated into the custom joinery. Within a neutral base scheme, existing flooring was refinished with a limewash, and a soft colour palette invokes a sense of serenity.

	Pops Travertine

charisma & chill

The kitchen was also opened up, now inviting entertaining and family gatherings in a comforting scheme of natural stone, suspended marble shelving, white powder-coated metals and satin finishes. Copper accents were integrated through hardware and fixtures, for an intelligent youthfulness, just like the home’s residents.

But all pared-back and chill does not always have to be softly, softly. A confident charisma punches back with feature furniture, contemporary art, accessories and detailing. The staircase was filled in and, with its rounded balustrading, creates a quiet drama of sculptural volumes. Colour pops and contrasting hues are finishing touches in an exercise of individuality.

A Favourite Ritual

In our role, we’ve learned that the simplest of daily occurrences are often the most meaningful. Every day, when the little ones return from school, mum prepares afternoon tea and hears the news of the day. Simply connecting a previously contained, pokey kitchen with living rooms opens up possibilities for easy banter and genuine family interaction.

	Pops Travertine