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The Vibe

Our clients travel often to Hong Kong and Singapore on business. One day, they returned to set a brief for a renovation of their master suite: bedroom, study, dressing room and ensuite bathroom. Craft us a residential retreat that feels like our favourite luxury hotels overseas, they said. Watch this five-star transformation, we said, and feel like you’re on holiday at home, every morning and night.

Completed: 2015
Location: Melbourne

Team: Sally Klopper
Build: Kingdom Projects

Photography: Dan Hocking

	Olive Haven

dark, not stormy

The ambiance they were craving was deep and moody. And a sanctuary to escape to and unwind within certainly doesn’t have to translate into blonde wood and cool tones. White? (Because you know we love it!) Here, it’s strictly contained to hotel-quality bed sheets and the bathtub. Otherwise, the palette was designed to inject a restrained, yet richly textured, sophisticated edge. Limestone walls in the bathroom meet subtly sexy Japan-black joinery, and the darkened hues of olive-stained timber panelling and rich green carpet – ever so lightly lifted with timeless grey walls – perfectly imbue the space with sense of calm and stillness.

A favourite Ritual

This one was more of an undoing, a relaxing of poor habits to inspire new rituals. Master-planning redirected flow by blocking access from the home office, ensuring the bedroom remains strictly a place of respite.

	Olive Haven
	olive haven